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Listen to Them, The Children of the Night. What Music They Make......

It seems like ages ago that I designed my first collection of spooky clothes for kids...and well, it probably is! But, such is life, that time schedules don't always work out quite as planned.

Not that I am complaining... the reason it has taken so long for me to get my samples together of gowns for little ghouls is because life is pretty good; business is pretty good!

But now, I have a wonderful collection of five spooky but classic ghoulish gowns for newborn and toddler Vamps :)

And here they are:

Meet Pennywise, Bambino Adamms, Little Darkling, Lil' Miss D'Evile and Lil' Miss Muertos

Who said little girls should wear pink????

Plans are in place to offer these beautiful designs on a wholesale basis to stores worldwide.....

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