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Tasty, Tasty Beautiful Fear.....

It's always pretty wonderful when we are commissioned to create a costume for Hallowe'en; our order book tends to begin filling up from July onwards with requests for our ever popular Lily Munster Burial Gown!

This year, we have received our first Hallowe'en order in June! Yes, June! And it is for none other than a female Pennywise The Dancing Clown Gown!

We are currently working on the bodice......

The first thing to do was to cut out two centre bodices - one having the central part much wider meaning we could create the cute and deadly pleats.

After creating the pleats on both sides, we have pinned them ready to be pressed.

After pressing with a warm iron the pleats will be hand basted, then sewn into place on the sewing machine.

To be continued..........

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