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And on the sabbath day, House of Goth created......

........the spookily delicious Taste The Blood of Dracula Bag!

It's taken a good few weeks for me to get this little number finally finished; i've been very busy with other designs and things which has meant putting this on the backburner a few times.

But.. here it is in all it's bloody glory!

Made in super shiny and rigid black PVC (easy to wipe all the blood off right?) and sporting an inverted cross in a choice of colours it's absolutely bloody perfect!

It's a bit fiddly to make - especially the clasp part; this is the second bag with a clasp i've created, and well it was a little EASIER to do this time around. Thank Satan!

You know what they say; practice makes perfect - of which I am a firm believer.

I've got a lot of ideas for other bags and accessories - plenty more coming your way!

- Sharon Goth

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