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Well...What A Week!

So, this past week has been a busy one.....

Orders are coming in pretty regular now, with the launch of the new website; which we have been working on really hard.

A day of illness hasn't stopped us getting a lot of site updates done.

Yay for House of Goth!

We have finally got our Special Offer section up and running, and will be offering 3 selected designs each month.

Those who sign up to our Mailing List will get even more offers!

Our website is now fully secure, with an SSL Certificate; we are also verified on Google, use a secure checkout system and are McAfee Secure.

Just waiting for our business phone to arrive on Monday (it's fab), and we can get our number up on the site too.

As for the clothing designs... we are hard at work trying to get our Hallowe'en 2018 Collection completed for end of July - Mid August. It's gonna be a good one!

We are also working on getting our Spooky Little Ghouls Hallowe'en 2018 Collection completed by early September (or fingers crossed a little earlier).

So yes, it's all go in the spooky House of Goth....

Until Next Time,

Sharon Goth

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