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A Night in The Mortuary.....

The first photo shoot of 2017 happened last weekend!

I'm not a photographer, and i'm not really very skilled in photo editing, and these are areas I would like to become more skilled in. We all know the only way to do this is to actually do them.... so that is what I intend to do :) Things can only get better......

The Mortuary Dress is made in stretch cotton fabric, with tattered and frayed chiffon. Waist Cincher (heavy cotton, with coutil interlining) is metal boned.

Also available in PVC, Stretch Satin and Crushed Velvet. Colours Black, Red, Purple, White with contrast of Black, Red, Purple, White, Lime Green.

The Mortuary Dress & Corset. Model - Trish

Mortuary Dress & Corset, model - Trish

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